Patrol – Lt. Michelle Jones

The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling and answering calls for service within all of Gilchrist County’s 344 square miles including the rivers and lakes. The primary function of patrol is to protect and serve the citizens. Eleven full-time deputies and three sergeants have accomplished this 24 hours a day. In addition, the deputies must assist in serving civil process, execution warrants, follow-up their own minor investigations, participate in training exercises, perform surveillance work, attend court and assist other sections during emergency or high load periods.

Our Patrol Division consists of: 18 Patrol Vehicles, 1 Marine Unit for patrolling the surrounding rivers, and 5 marked Volunteer Patrol Vehicles.

We are also assisted by the GCSO Volunteers. These are citizens that give many hours a month to the community through various activities and projects. These events include: Directing traffic, installing Crime Watch signs, assisting the Patrol Division with eyes and ears while patroling areas of the county and administering first aid. They also take part in and sponsor many special events such as the Gold Hook Kid’s Day, the Educational Foundation’s “Beast Feast”, Buckle UP” Campaign, and Gilchrist County’s “Down Home Days”.