911 Dispatch

Under the supervision of Kieran Bryan the Communications Division is staffed 24 hours a day. We answer all administrative calls coming into the Sheriff’s Office as well as 911 calls for Gilchrist County. We are equipped to provide radio dispatch to the Sheriff’s Office, six volunteer fire departments, emergency medical services and emergency management, as well as all other state and local agencies.

Current projects:

• Interoperability: Capability to patch any field unit with another county or state entity through radio or phone communications.

• Enhanced 911 phase 2: We are working in coordination with Gilchrist County’s 911 Director and the Gilchrist County Board of Commissioners on purchasing new 911 equipment. The new equipment would enable Automatic Location Identification (ALI) and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) when answering a 911 call from a cellular phone.



Presently, Communications is responsible for the following equipment:
.8 radio frequencies

.6 Volunteer Fire Departments

.1 State Alert system

.5 911 phone lines

.TDD (Telephone Device for the deaf)

.Paging system for all county entities

.Monitoring of weather channel and alerts

.Bank alarms

.FCIC/NCIC teletype

.Florida CJIS computer network