Gilchrist County Explorers Program

Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office Explorers Program…

Committed to Serving Our Community

The Law Enforcement Explorer program is open to young women and men aged 14 (and have completed the 8th grade) and not yet 21 who have an interest in the profession of law enforcement and want to learn about it.

This program provides classroom and practical, hands-on training for young adults in the field of law enforcement.  We teach them the philosophies, mission, and the objectives of law enforcement.  This program gives the participants a chance to see first hand the responsibilities, leadership opportunities, community service activities, and experiences of active duty law enforcement officers.  Our goal is to test their abilities, foster respect in themselves, respect in others, and respect in the community.  We challenge them to become more responsible citizens.

The training  of the explorers is managed primarily by members of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Gilchrist County School Criminal Justice Academy located at Bell High School.  We also coordinate and partner with other various local, state and federal agencies who participate in the explorer program.  Explorers have the opportunity to have classroom training, learn pistol shooting, practice defensive tactics, participate in community policing, have scenario based exercises, and much more.  Members are allowed to participate in a ride along in a sheriff’s vehicle with on-duty deputy sheriff’s.

Participants of the Exploring program show improved self confidence; they learn respect for police officers and explorers, they have the chance to participate in fun and have exciting “hands on” career experiences.  They will learn to work together as a team; have unique community service opportunities as well as the chance to develop their leadership abilities and the opportunity to improve their college and career readiness.

Our Senior Advisor and Assistant Advisors are sworn law enforcement officers and members of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office.  Our volunteers have a complete background check conducted prior to them having any contact with participants.

Explorer Selection Requirements

  1. Be between the ages of 14 & 21.
  2. Complete the 8th Grade.
  3. Be enrolled or a graduate of the Gilchrist County School System (some exceptions) with a minimum of a 2.0 or (C) GPA.
  4. Have not been arrested or convicted of any crimes.
  5. Have a lifestyle free of illegal drug use. No alcohol use.  No tobacco use.
  6. Complete an interview with the Post Advisor.

The following documents must be received with the application prior to or during the interview.

  1. A copy of the applicants birth certificate or FL driver’s license/ID card.
  2. A copy of the most current School Report Card.

Youth Participation Applications (both must be completed)

BSA Youth Application

Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office Explorers Application