Craigslist Transaction Safety

The internet has made it increasingly more popular and convenient for the public to sell and buy items. However, with this convenience brings the opportunity or possibility for a crime to be committed.

There have been numerous incidents throughout the State of Florida and the United States where after meeting to finish an online deal, either the seller or the buyer becomes the victim of robbery or theft.
Sheriff Robert (Bobby) Schultz recognizes the need to provide a “Safe Sale” location where these types of meetings or transactions can occur.
As a service to the citizens of Gilchrist County, he is offering and encouraging individuals to use the Gilchrist County Sheriffs Office parking lot in Trenton, Florida when meeting to complete online transactions.

“The Sheriffs Office parking lot is often used when individuals want to exchange their children during child custody situations because it is considered a safe, public area, so why not use it for the completion of “Facebook” or “Craigslists” transactions?”

The Sheriffs Office is a public location and is either monitored by cameras or manned 24/7 by sheriffs office staff.”

Again, Sheriff Schultz encourages everyone to take advantage of this location in order to avoid any potential danger.


The address for the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office:
9239 S. US 129
Trenton, FL 32693